Monetize Your Business with Location-Based Games

Drive thousands of players to your place of business. Incentivize them to spend money for in-game rewards

Don't just bring Visitors. Bring Customers. 

Through our patent-pending technology, players earn premium in-game items each time they make a purchase from you.  Best of all, you don’t pay us until the player pays you. 

Did you know: 72% of app store spending comes from games, yet only 3% of players ever buy something in-game. We give players the opportunity to earn in-game items without in-game spending

We don't make money unless you make money.

We don’t charge you a penny until a player makes a purchase.

No Hardware. No Software. No Training.

Through our patent-pending technology, no work is required on your side. Just accept payments as normal and we’ll do the rest. 

We are now accepting select merchants for Q3 2020 launch

Be among the first merchants to integrate your business with Atlas Empires, which has over 210 million influencers and world-class marketers ready to push global launch.

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